Shift Knob Adapter (10x1.25 to 12x1.25)

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Shift Knob Adapter (10x1.25 to 12x1.25)


This 10x1.25 to 12x1.25 shift knob adapter further expands shift knob possibilities for cars who come standard with a 10x1.25 shifter pitch thread. Simply thread on this insert to adapt to 12x1.25 shift knobs.

• 10x1.25 inner diameter (ID) to 12x1.25 outer diameter (OD)

• Perfect for automatic transmissions that come standard with 10x1.25

• Expand shift knob possibilities

• Compatible with most Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, and Mitsubishi applications


Please research the appropriate sizing for your vehicle before purchasing. Refunds will not be accepted for customer error involving incorrect size selection.


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